Prague Zoo and Zoo Olomouc Reviews

Zoo is actually the short form of Zoological Garden. The term zoological Garden is derived from ‘zoology’, which means the study of the animals. Zoo is a facility where different types of animals are housed, displayed to the public, and sometimes also breed. The first zoological garden was opened in 1828 in the United Kingdom for the scientific study of the animals. In 1847, this was opened for the public. In the United States alone, Over 181 million people visit the zoo yearly.

Here is a brief introduction to some of the best zoos in the world.

leopards in prague zoo

Prague Zoological Garden:

Prague Zoological Garden is a zoo in Prague, Czech Republic. It is also known as Zoo Praha. It was opened in 1931. it’s goal is to “ advance the study of zoology, protect the wildlife and educate the people”. In 2007, the zoo is rated as the 7th best zoo in the world by Forbes Travel Guide and is rated as the 5th best zoo in the world by Tripadvisor.

The idea of the zoo in Prague was first purposed by a newspaper through an article in 1881 on the occasion of the marriage of Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria and Princess Stephanie of Belgium. However, a committee was established in 1919 to start the preparatory work on the establishment of the zoo. The zoo was opened to the public in 1931.

ponds in prague zoo

This zoo occupied 58 hectares and housed over 5000 animals from 676 species, including 132 species listed as threatened. The zoo saw it’s highest number of babies born in 2012, number 1557 from 211 species.

Prague zoo is offering so many exciting services. it is like a full day tour place. There are so many restaurants and children play areas in the boundary of the zoo. A visitor can see different species of different animals, can eat his favorite food, and do much more. It is like a top visiting place.

It is located in the Praha Troja municipal district. One can go to visit the zoo by public transport, car or bike. It is opened every day through the year from 9 am to 6 pm.

prague zoo

Zoo Olomouc:

Zoo Olomouc is a Czech Republic zoo. It is one of the largest breeders of South African Gemsbok in the world.

The idea of a zoo in Olomouc firstly arose in the early 1950s. a small zoo was established in the center of the Olomouc city. As the public and especially children showed great interest and excitement, the then Regional National Committee (KNV) decided on the expansion of the Olomouc Zoo. In 1952, the area of the zoo was expanded to 25 hectares. With the passing time, the area of the zoo was gradually expanded many times.

white bear on rocks

In the Olomouc Zoo, there are many more entertaining things for the visitors. a visitor can enjoy a safary train trip to the zoo to see all the beautiful animals housed there. There is also an observation tower in the center of the zoo. One can have a 360 view of the zoo from the top of this tower. A cable is being run there to make the visitors trip more excited and delightful. There is a car parking just before the main entrance and also a free bicycle parking as well. If you feel hungry there, no need to be worried. There are also some restaurants to serve you. You can enjoy your favorite meal there. The visit to the zoo gives you a chance to see the nature closely.

The timing of this zoo is varied with the variation of the season. As this zoo is located almost in the center of the city, so there is no problem with how to go to the zoo. You can go there by public transport, in your own car or by motorbike. You can also book your entrance pass online.

Zoo Olomouc

Pet Clinics-Always tough to choose one.

For Pet Parent, this is always a difficult task to choose the best clinic for a routine check-up or in an emergency. As there are so many clinics in the market which claim the best facility, so we have some best suggestions in the town for you.

Companion Pet Clinic:

Companion Pet Clinic-cascade is one of the best full-service veterinary clinics which serve the surroundings of Washington. This is a veterinary clinic with lots of extra beneficial services. A very experienced team of veterinarians and technicians is always ready to help and care for your pet six days a week. They offer routine appointments for pet exams and schedule surgeries. Their team is always ready for any emergency as well.
In the clinic, they have the facility of orthopedic surgery on the bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and soft tissues. They also have the facility of dental surgery to fix your pet’s dental problems such as bad breath, broken teeth, swelling, drolling or trouble eating. In short, Companion Pet Clinic is providing almost all medical facilities under the same roof.

best pet clinic

Highland Animal Hospital:

Highland Animal Hospital is also a well-known animal hospital run by Dr. Carl Fortna. Its team is highly qualified and well trained. They offer protein appointments for pet exams as well as emergency treatment. They are providing all medical facilities such as surgical, dental, routine exam and emergencies under the same roof. They are also educating Pet Parents through videos and other social media means.
Their payment method is also very easy. You can pay in cash, through credit cards, debit cards or via cheque. Their contact details and location is mentioned on their website and other social pages. Highland Animal Hospital Is highly recommended for your pet.

no 1 pet clinic

Oradell Animal Hospital:

Oradell Animal Hospital (OAH) is one of the leading Pet Hospital. It is accredited by AAHA. OAH is helping the Pet Parents to keep their lovely buddy healthy and active. They have a highly qualified veterinarian team which is available 24 hours. They are offering all kinds of medical treatments for your pet at a very low fee.
Caring Hands Animal Hospital:
Caring Hands Animal Hospital is a group of 8 veterinary hospitals. They are serving all kinds of medical facilities including pet care. They also have an online pharmacy store to make your pet care responsibility much easy. They are open six days a week. they are also offering 25% off on the first pet exam.

pet clinic

Midwest Animal Hospital:

Midwest Animal Hospital is founded in 2005 by Dr. Coyne. They are offering medical facilities as well as pet care. It is run by a very qualified and competent team of veterinarians. They have all the advance equipment in their clinic to take care of your pet. Pet Parents are always welcomed for routine pet exam or emergency treatment. This is one of the best and advance clinics in the town.

top pet clinics

Mountain View Animal Hospital:

Mountain View Animal Hospital is one of the most famous and comfortable places to get a cure for your pets. The clients of this hospital are given too much authority that they feel free to ask about their needs. All the facilities are made flexible for everyone even they can remind them of their fingerprints.
Aside from all such facilities, the care center also provides proper treatment and medicines to the pets. They provide basic medicines according to their condition of the attendant. Also, dental surgery, soft tissue surgery and many others are provided by this center.
The advancement in their method of treatment has enhanced due to some specific steps that they have adopted. The very first and important step in this regard is the consultancy with other animal hospitals. This consultancy gives the surgeon to learn more and provide the client’s maximum comfort with them.

vet clinic

All the above-described hospitals are the best of all other hospitals in the country. You can contact any of them to make recovery quick and without disturbance.

What is Animal Shelter ? Top Animal Shelters across the world.

What is the Animal Shelter?

An animal shelter is a palace where stray, lost, homeless, wounded or sick animals are kept and rehabilitated. These shelters are often run by the government but mostly operated by private NGOs. These shelters provide healthy food, fresh water, and a safe palace to the homeless animals . in case of wounded or sickness, they provide the best health facilities to these innocent fellows.

top animal shelters

Top Animal Shelters in the World:

In each and every country, there are so many NGOs that are working for the betterment of animals. Here we are going to discuss some top animal shelter homes in the world.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA):

This is a UK based organization that works for the welfare of wildlife, farm animals and pets who need to be re-homed. They also run a TV series “The Dog Rescuers” to educate the viewers about the rescue and re-homing of dogs. Over 129602 animals were rescued in the year of 2018 by this charity.

Humane Society International (HSI):

HSI is one of the world-leading organizations that working for a better future life for animals. The organization is also working to end the animal fights across the world. They are also supporting laws for the protection of animals. HSI is working in almost all countries and has offices in every continent.

Best Friend Save Them All:

Best Friend is also a charity working in five US regions to help homeless animals. There focus is on saving lives through adoption, spy\neuter program, and other community support programs.

dog shelters

Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals International (SPCA) :

SPCA International is a charity that distributes veterinary supplies to animal welfare groups worldwide. They support different organizations in developing countries to treat and care for injured homeless animals

Animal shelters in San Jose \ San Jose Animal Shelter:

Here are some animal shelters situated around San Jose.

San Jose Animal Care Center(ACS):

ACS is established in 2001. This animal care center offers many valuable programs and services to the community. There are three units in ACS, field operations, shelter operations, and Administration.

best animal shelters

Silicon Valley Animal Control Authority (SVACA):

SVACA is established in 2001. It is situated in Santa Clara. This charity provides care for lost animals, adoption, volunteer programs and much more. This is one of the leading companions of homeless animals.

Angel’s Furry Friends Rescue:

This animal shelter is established in 2018. This is a non-profit charity that is working to save lives and finding forever homes for homeless dogs and cats. They rely on the donations of pet lovers.

Greensboro Animal Shelter:

  • Here is a list of animal shelters in Greensboro.
  • Guildford Country Animal Shelter.
  • Animal Rescue and Foster Program.
  • NC Yorkie Rescue.
  • Red Dog Farm Animal Rescue Network.
  • Triad Spay Neuter Clinic.

animal care center

Pet Care Institutes and stores

If you own a pet and you are worried about his food, health, and grooming, feel free because there are some online stores which are dealing with all of your pet’s need. Here we have detailed information about these stores for you. After reading these lines, it will be easy for you to choose the best for your beloved buddy.

Pet Care Institutes

Pet Sense:

Pet sense is an online store founded in 2005. They are providing services in pet food, pet grooming, and pet adoption. Some of there food brands are Stella and Chewy, Diamond, Hill’s Science Kong, Victor, Zingnature and Kong. They have some other exclusive brand foods as well.

Petsense also provides services in grooming and training the pet at their own location. They have different packages. These packages start from simple bathing and nail trimming to complete pet services.

They have also a SaveAPet activity in which they adopt homeless cats and re-home them to new pet parents.

If you are interested in doing a job in this field, pet sense also provides you the opportunity to join their community. For this, simply go to their website and apply online.

pet sense

Pet Palace:

Pet Palace is also a leading service provider in this field. It is working since 2003. It is a family-owned and operated business.  They provide different services such as Dog Boarding, Cat boarding, Puppy daycare, and Puppy training, etc.

They welcome the new guests in Pet Palace in a unique way. They make a report card on daily bases and give it to the owner at the end of the boarding. They have a well-trained staff that looks after your pet professionally.

Pet Palace has an ‘ Everything’s  Included” philosophy. They provide some special services such as maid service, raised beds, freshwater, soothing music, climate-controlled, room service, and TLC.

They follow a typical hotel structure where check-in time is after 1 PM Monday through Sat-Sun between 5-6 PM with a fast pass.

For the pet that prefers a luxurious at-home environment, they offer Royal VIP Suites. Each of these suites is decorated with a custom bed, ceiling fan, flat-screen TV and sliding glass doors. There are some different categories too.

If you want to send your buddy there, you can contact them by visiting their nearby office or simply contact them through email. Their addresses and email ids are mentioned on their website.

pet palace

Pet Valu:

Pet Valu is also a well-known service provider in this field. They have a large number of stores in Canada and North America. At their stores, you can find a great selection of pet food, treats, toys, and accessories at competitive prices. They have a team of Pet Experts trained in pet care and nutrition through the University of California Davis Extension School.

Pet Valu also owned Paulmac’s Pet Food and Bosley’s. They are providing services in food and suppling for dogs, cats, companion birds, wild birds, fish, reptiles and small animals. In their stores, you can find more than 7000 products including holistic and premium brands of pet foods and treats. Their philosophy is to provide pet owners with the best pet care items at low prices.  You can find their store located near to you to get the best for your pet.

pet valu

Is Pet Sitting a Career?

How to get into Pet Sitting?

If you are a pet lover and want to start a business then Pet Sitting is the best and the most desirable opportunity for you. In this job, you have to look after a pet in the absence of his owner. It can be hosting a pet in your home, taking care of a pet in his owner’s house or going for a walk each day with the pet. It is the most interesting job that allows you to choose your own working schedule.

Here we have some tips for you if you want to start this profession.

pet care


If you start something new, research is the most important key to be successful. Before starting a pet sitting job, you should have a brief knowledge of your responsibilities and required skills.

Job Description:

As we told you in the above lines, Pet Sitting is actually looking after a pet in the absence of his owner, so there are so many responsibilities on you to become a good pet sitter.

  • You should have to brush his teeth regularly.
  • You should have to comb his coat and go for a walk daily.
  • You should have to take good care of his health and should have to visit the vet in an emergency. ( for this purpose, do fill a form that contains all the contact details of your client, vet contact number, address and emergency contact number, etc. ).

pet hospital

Essential Skills and Qualities:

The first thing in this job is you should be a pet lover weather they are two-legged, four-legged or legless. If you do not like or allergic to a certain animal, do write in your job description so that your client can know about this. There are some other requirements as well as you must be reliable and trustworthy, physically fit, should have some excellent customer services and should have a brief knowledge about the pet’s nature, etc.

Working Hours and Conditions:

The biggest benefit of this job is that it is not a 9 to 5 type of job . In this job, you are free to set your desired timetable. But to become a good and well-known pet sitter, you should have to follow this schedule as well. You should follow all the conditions decided in the contract. you will have to go out for a walk, bath the pet or take him to the vet . Traveling can also be a part of the contract. You should also inform the pet’s owner about his health on a regular bases. It is also a risky job as well because sometimes you may get some scratches while dealing with an angry fellow.

pet sitting career

Salary Prospects:

Being an independent, you are free to charge your own set rates. Start from the lowset and then move to your desired package.

Get the Qualifications:

In this profession, there is no need for a certain education. But if you had some diploma, it can improve your impression. There are some institutes which are offering some diplomas. Here are some suggestions for you:

NasprsUK-National Association of Pet Sitters & Dog Walker

The College of Animal Welfare (CAW)

pet sitting in office

Land Your First Job:

If you are searching for your first client, Google Search is the best and easy tool for you. You can also use your personal relations or some local job providers in this regard. There are also some online platforms that help you finding your first job. Here are some suggestions for you:

The London Cat Sitting Company


Your London Pet Sitter

Max & Kitty

pet sitting skills

Develop Your Career:

If you want to become a successful pet sitter, expand your business through digital means. Social media websites are the most reachable way. A Facebook page, Insta account, and twitter account can be very fruitful for you. A well-designed website is also recommended.

We hope the above lines will help you a lot.

family pet sitting


New to Pet Care? Here are the 7 steps you must follow

If you are a Pet Parent, you surely want to take good care of your buddy. You are surely conscious of his\her health and daily day activities. Here we have some tips to help you to overcome this problem. These are the Vip pet care points. We hope that will help you a lot.

Veterinarian Visit

If you are a responsible pet owner and you really love your little friend, you should visit the veterinarian at least twice a year. It may be more frequent when your pet is young or underage. Whenever you adopt a pet, the first thing you should do is to visit the vet and make a schedule for further visits. No doubt, vet visit will always be a challenging task for you because your pet will not like to leave his\her comfy home but if you already used to go away with them it will help you at that time.

veterinarian visit


Proper and timely vaccinating your pet is also a responsibility of a pet parent. The first thing you should do after adopting a kitty or puppy is to set a schedule with the vet. This will prevent your little fellow from different diseases such as rabies, Lyme disease, and distemper. if you have adopted a newborn then you will have to visit the vet so many times in the first four to six months. If you have adopted an adult then make sure that they are immunized properly.


Proper Identification

If your little friend is often get lost and you want to escape from this troubling situation, proper identification is the only key. Now the question is how can we do this? Here we have some simple and easy tips for you. A safe collar with a tag that contains all your contact information is the most basic and easy way for a happy ending. You can also use a tracking microchip. This device is about the size of a rice-grain and implanted in the skin of your pet. It is the most reliable way to monitor your pet.

proper identification

Spaying\ Neutering

Sterilizing your pet prevents them from different diseases including complicated pregnancies. Spaying your kitty reduces the risk of different diseases and prevents her from going in to “Heat”. Neutering your pet protects your pet from aggression and roaming the neighbors. Spaying\Neutering is surgery so your pet will remain in the hospital overnight.

neutralize pets

Healthy Food

Being the best pet partner, you should know about the best and healthy food for your pet. As there are so many foods is available in the market with different diet formulas, it is always a difficult task to pick the best food for your little friend. A proper diet surely enriches your pet’s energy. You should also talk to the vet before switching your pet to special food.

Food for pet

At Home Care

Being a pet parent, your job is to provide them a good and healthy environment. You should brush their teeth, combed their coats and give them healthy food. This will also teach your buddy to live gently.

pet home care

Comfy Quarters

To give your pet a comfortable living space is also your duty. You should take care of their living space with the change of session. Timely clean their house. If there is something looking to be changed, buy a new one. Wash their bathroom area regularly.

These are some basic and easy tips for you to get in a good relationship with your pet. We hope that will help you a lot.

comfy home for pets