How to get into Pet Sitting?

If you are a pet lover and want to start a business then Pet Sitting is the best and the most desirable opportunity for you. In this job, you have to look after a pet in the absence of his owner. It can be hosting a pet in your home, taking care of a pet in his owner’s house or going for a walk each day with the pet. It is the most interesting job that allows you to choose your own working schedule.

Here we have some tips for you if you want to start this profession.

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If you start something new, research is the most important key to be successful. Before starting a pet sitting job, you should have a brief knowledge of your responsibilities and required skills.

Job Description:

As we told you in the above lines, Pet Sitting is actually looking after a pet in the absence of his owner, so there are so many responsibilities on you to become a good pet sitter.

  • You should have to brush his teeth regularly.
  • You should have to comb his coat and go for a walk daily.
  • You should have to take good care of his health and should have to visit the vet in an emergency. ( for this purpose, do fill a form that contains all the contact details of your client, vet contact number, address and emergency contact number, etc. ).

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Essential Skills and Qualities:

The first thing in this job is you should be a pet lover weather they are two-legged, four-legged or legless. If you do not like or allergic to a certain animal, do write in your job description so that your client can know about this. There are some other requirements as well as you must be reliable and trustworthy, physically fit, should have some excellent customer services and should have a brief knowledge about the pet’s nature, etc.

Working Hours and Conditions:

The biggest benefit of this job is that it is not a 9 to 5 type of job . In this job, you are free to set your desired timetable. But to become a good and well-known pet sitter, you should have to follow this schedule as well. You should follow all the conditions decided in the contract. you will have to go out for a walk, bath the pet or take him to the vet . Traveling can also be a part of the contract. You should also inform the pet’s owner about his health on a regular bases. It is also a risky job as well because sometimes you may get some scratches while dealing with an angry fellow.

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Salary Prospects:

Being an independent, you are free to charge your own set rates. Start from the lowset and then move to your desired package.

Get the Qualifications:

In this profession, there is no need for a certain education. But if you had some diploma, it can improve your impression. There are some institutes which are offering some diplomas. Here are some suggestions for you:

NasprsUK-National Association of Pet Sitters & Dog Walker

The College of Animal Welfare (CAW)

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Land Your First Job:

If you are searching for your first client, Google Search is the best and easy tool for you. You can also use your personal relations or some local job providers in this regard. There are also some online platforms that help you finding your first job. Here are some suggestions for you:

The London Cat Sitting Company


Your London Pet Sitter

Max & Kitty

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Develop Your Career:

If you want to become a successful pet sitter, expand your business through digital means. Social media websites are the most reachable way. A Facebook page, Insta account, and twitter account can be very fruitful for you. A well-designed website is also recommended.

We hope the above lines will help you a lot.

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